Meet Us

"I’m Holan. I own a business with my wife Cassy. We love to travel, eat different foods, and love Disneyland!
We help individuals tailor a specific plan to reach their health goals through the use of essential oils."

Our Story

My parents owned several businesses. I experienced a lifestyle that was possible because my parents worked for themselves. I wanted that lifestyle for my family. When it came time for me to start a career, I chose to follow in their footsteps and start a business of my own. I started a cell phone store in Honolulu, Hawaii. It was rewarding. As a young bachelor, I enjoyed working long hours and I reaped the benefits of my hard work. I often took my work home and and business was always on my mind. When I met my wife Cassy, I realized that I couldn't keep working like that.

I needed a career that offered more time freedom with at least the same amount of pay.

It didn't seem possible until my father introduced me to a different kind of business: the essential oil business. I was skeptical at first. I thought that the “essential oil business” was for housewives to keep themselves busy and make some side cash. My father assured me that there was more to it. He told me that if I put as much effort into this essential oil business as I had with my cell phone store that I would make more money and have more time freedom. I listened and took the time to study the business and work hard with my wife. I'm glad I did.

Today, Cassy and I are proud to have a business where we can change lives. 
We have a distribution team in several countries with thousands of customers worldwide.  I no longer need to worry about the day to day operations of my previous business because our business runs with or without us wherever we go. We are financially independent and I now enjoy both quality time with my wife in both our personal and professional lives.
Our Mission

Early on, we discovered the power of essential oils and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. We help families navigate through making decisions that help contribute to a better health and a better life. We believe that healthy living can be the "norm." Through proper nutrition, activity, and use of less toxic natural products, we can help make the world a better place.

Despite medical advancements, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, depression is on the rise. Based on current trends, today's parents will outlive their children unless we make a change. Join us as we promote health and take steps towards preventative health care.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." -Benjamin Franklin
Personal Life

Cassy and I currently reside in Las Vegas. We are originally from Hawaii. 

We have a lot of experience traveling so ask us if you need tips, especially if you are traveling to Hawaii or Japan. Our preferred airline carrier is Delta and Hawaiian Airlines. We've traveled so much in the previous years, that we've been upgraded to first class free of charge multiple times and were able to fly to Europe on miles.

We eat all types of food. Although we love dining out, we are not afraid to get our hands dirty and cook. We buy organic when we can and love shopping at Trader Joe's  and Costco.

We are Disney fans (part of D23) and have been to every Disneyland in the world including the new Shanghai Disneyland! Cassy loves Disney merchandise. I enjoy watching Star Wars movies, Pixar Movies, or anything that has to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We both are MoviePass holders and visit the local theater at least twice a month.
Cassy's primary hobby is stationary, washi, and planning. I like tinkering with electronics and reading Japanese manga One Piece.

I love shopping on Amazon and having our groceries delivered to our home. I am an Amazon Prime member and the current charity I selected for Amazon Smile is the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation.  I also support microlending through Kiva.

 Family is important to us. Most of our family lives in Hawaii. My ancestral roots are in Illocos, Philippines, Ginoza, Okinawa, and Hiroshima, Japan. While Cassy's ancestral roots are in Okinawa, Kumamoto, Hiroshima, Japan, and Texas. We have the privilege of traveling to different places to learn more about our culture.

We are Christian and believe in Jesus greatest commandments, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and Love your neighbor as yourself." Helping others through health education and business gives us great joy.

We love making new friends.