Placement Advice - Where do I place people?

As people starts enrolling people, after the second or third person. The most common question is "Where do I place people?" Some people preparing for future signups ask, "What is the secrets or strategy to placements?" From experience and through the advice of leaders that have built before me, there are several key habits that leaders do on placements with doTERRA. 1. Identify your builders. Ask your enrollees. Your strongest builders will be on your first or second level. Committed & Capable. - Sharers will go on your second level and third level --If possible, do not place sharers on your first level because of consistency and commitment ---Long term, if you don't have a builder you will hit a wall. - Users will go on your second and third level (Help Power of Three)

"A builder is a person who loves the product, enjoys earning free product credits on the Loyalty Rewards Program. They want to replace income by sharing doTERRA and helping others share doTERRA." -Double Pres. Diamond Patrick Sedivy on Daily Mentor Call Day #16

A builder is committed to: -150pv order by the 10th of each month -Will invest 20 hours per week -Have purchased a Modern Essentials Book -Will make at least 2 new contacts per day (Mon-Fri) -Find 3 business builders -Establish written goals -Attend events and trainings

A sharer is committed to:

-100pv order each month -Will invest 5 hours a week -Learn to Use Products and Business Tools -Learn to Share doTERRA with Others

2. Only place people you personally enroll under builders and sharers. - Never Ever place Anybody under users Don't assume that "One day they are going to the business." "I'll build a business for them until they wake up." "I don't have anything else going on right now, so I'll just put the volume here. ^(Long term it will be lost volume) - Do not make promises about placements. - Do not build under someone else who says they are not a builder. - Do not give up enrollership *There are rare exceptions 3. Learn to master attracting leaders/builders This takes time, but pays of long run. This will help you achieve Diamond and is words of wisdom from Pres. Diamonds such as Brianne Hovey. It took her a while to develop that skill and it takes people a while to develop the skill. The bottom line: If you commit to enrolling, identifying, and working with your builders by modeling income producing activities. You will be rewarded greatly. Having three personally enrolled Frontline Builders, is key for leverage income and Power of Three and Leadership Advancement. This is critical not only your success, but the success of your builders! As your team grows, are your builders looking towards the next rank. For expert information... Login to Oils University, Under Daily Mentor Calls Tab

Please listen to: Day 16 - Brian Hovey on the three different types of IPCs (Wellness Advocates) - Includes Handout Day 17 - Asking Your Personal Enrollees if they are a user, sharer, or builder

If you are part of the Gold Rush or Diamond Dash Program,

Please Login to Oils University and Listen to: Week 9 (starting at 14 min 30 sec) - Baby Step #2 Foundations on Placements -How to Place Leaders with Brianne Hovey (Audio) -Three Pathways Document (.doc) -Placements Quiz

Here is a video on "The Three Pathways" by Teresa Harding Here is a video on "Power Placements" by Teresa Harding Some of you reading this thinking my placements are a mess, what do I do? Welcome to the party. Nobody has a perfect downline in doTERRA. Nobody. It is important to understand that every one made mistakes. People place builders under users and sharers. Just remember you are going to work with great people. The biggest thing Now is you follow a system that works. That you don't guess any more. Take these things to heart and move forward! "It doesn't matter how high you jump or how fast you run, but how well you bounce."

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