2013 Facts and Figures for Income Disclosure

doTERRA 2013 Facts and Figures for Income Disclosure

doTERRA continues to grow and expand year after year. All our markets are healthy.

After its inception in May 2008, dōTERRA reached a million dollars in sales eight months later in December 2008 In November 2009, (after only 20 months) the company had its first million dollar month Throughout 2012, dōTERRA regularly has million-dollar revenue days

With the increase in revenue and doTERRA's continued growth and expansion, many wellness advocates benefited. Let's take a look at some of the facts and figures 91 Percent Join Because of ProductdoTERRA conducted a study. It revealed that 91 percent of the people that joined dōTERRA as a consultant did so primarily to get high quality essential oils at a discount or to share essential oils with others. Only 9 percent of consultants joined primarily to start a “for profit” business enterprise. This leads to the stability of our companies growth and retention. Our priorities are true to the mission of helping people with their health through education and natural solutions. The study also revealed:

- 69 percent of the general population looks to natural products to improve some aspect of their health. - The most popular method to find out which natural product to use and how to use those products comes from the recommendation of a friend. This method is twice as common as referring to an advertisement.

Because of the tremendous potential for the continued growth of dōTERRA, and because word of mouth or personal referral is the most common method of people learning about essential oils, dōTERRA is very committed to direct selling as the vehicle by which its CPTG® essential oils are marketed. Direct selling is generally defined as the selling of goods away from a fixed retail location and includes personal involvement by someone experienced in the use of the goods being sold. The company rewards people who share the mission so they can have more free time to change the world. Listed below are 2013 statistics for leaders: doTERRA Income Disclosure For an explanation of the requirements to achieve the above ranks, please click here. Many direct selling companies publish their average earnings, and the requirements it takes to get there. But how many people actually achieve those ranks? What is impressive is the number of people achieving higher ranks year after year is increasing (as seen below), showing that we have an excellent business model of distribution for natural wellness treasures. These are not only facts on paper, but facts Cassy and I experienced personally. In 2011, we achieved the leadership rank of Silver. From that point we advanced through the ranks of Gold and Platinum along the ways to Diamond. We were one of the 158 to achieve Diamond. I know for a fact that the business works, the products work, the company works. What excites me most is that we have more and more people on our team on their way advancing through Silver and above towards Diamond. Diamond Recognition at ConventiondoTERRA Income DisclosureMy 10 year vision is to develop 100 Diamonds with doTERRA, because I know that 100 self sustaining leaders that have the freedom and resources to positively impact that world will make a much greater difference than me teaching a class about essential oils by myself. I want to communicate that with other health and wellness educators, that network marketing is a vehicle that you can use to empower others to take on the same mission as you. I pray that you will have an amazing week! Thank you! Holan To download the Official Copy of doTERRA's earnings disclosure summary, please click on the following:

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