doTERRA Compensation: How the quot;Power of Threequot; Bonus Works

In "A Real Life Example of How Unilevel MLM Commission Works," I talked about how you can make a growing residual income by receiving an average of 5% from your organization.

This is great if you have thousands of people in your organization, but what if you only have 50? What if you only have 10? What if you only want to pay for your products? Or supplement your income? Can you do that part-time without having to become a full-time doTERRA Professional? It's possible with doTERRA's Power of 3 Bonus. Thousands of wellness advocates have achieved this bonus. We have. More importantly, a lot of the people on our team have and we teach how to do this through our FREE Training Programs.

If you search "paycheck to paycheck," you will find that more than 70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. 40% of Americans state that an extra $500 would dramatically improve their financial situation.

$500 a month is $6,000 a year. No matter what financial situation you're in, that can help pay for groceries. It can help pay for college tuition or a mortgage. If everything is paid for, it can go towards your investments.

What is doTERRA's Power of Three Bonus? doTERRA's "Power of Three" a monthly bonus paid in addition to your other bonuses and commissions. It is a bonus you receive for creating and maintaining a team of people you bring in. Very few companies have this type of bonus, and when they do it is usually a one-time bonus for creating a team in a certain time frame.

doTERRA's "Power of Three" is different since it is paid out monthly. Once you create a team of people you enroll, as long as your team maintains the sales volume with repeat orders, your "Power of Three" Bonus is paid. When your team continues to buy, you continued to get paid! I've received a Power of Three Bonus every single month since September 2010 (a couple months after I joined doTERRA). There are three different levels of the "Power of 3" Bonus. $50 Power of 3 Bonus: Your team has at least three people ordering $250 Power of 3 Bonus: This is received when you help three of the team members you brought in sim $1500 Power of 3 Bonus: This is receive How do I receive the Power of Three? What are the requirements?

Terminology PV: Every Product ordered is assigned a PV. Team: Team in a technical sense is You + Everyone on your "Level One". The confusion with this term, is that the word Team is used to describe your entire organization (Level 1, 2, 3, etc.) . In the compensation plan. Volume: Numerical value that describes sales volume or purchases. It is described in "points" Level One (also known as Frontline): People that you enroll are normally on your "Level One." You are given the option to place people you enroll $250+ a month Will Pay for Product Purchase If a perosn makes $250, wold they stop ordering products? It increases retention $1,500+ makes a difference In Real Life

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