Our All Inclusive Carribean Vacation to the Dominican Republic

IMG_0441Have you ever limited your dreams? 

I never imagined going to a Caribbean resort, yet alone one organized by an essential oil company. I always thought these incentive trips or corporate retreats were for Fortune 500 executives or sales reps with type A personality. Not for a person like me. Rather than explore the possibility, I often disregarded it. I had limiting thoughts like, "I don't need to go to the Carribean, I live in Hawaii."

I've learned that even though you can plan your life the best you can, sometimes God blesses you with a life better than you can ever imagine.

Cassy and I traveled to the Dominican Republic this past January. Sand Castle ContestWe stayed at the all-inclusive Now Larimar Resort in Punta Cana for one week. The trip was better than I imagined. I had no idea what I was missing. It was refreshing for the both of us and gave us a great start for the new year.

Our essential oil company doTERRA, provides incentive trips every. In the past, people like us travel to Tulum, Jamaica, and several cruises. It is a great place where you can meet and make new friends with other essential oil business owners from around the world.

On a Boat

These incentive trips also gives a chance for business owners to bring their family members that don't normally participate inPork Ribs the other business events. Many of our friends brought their children, while others took much needed personal time for themselves. It is important to note that some essential oil business owners have business all over the world, and in the hustle and bustle its great to have some down time.

The food at the resort was amazing. The resort has French, Italian, American, Mexican, and Japanese restaurants. The best part is you can order off the menu without having to worry about price. Although the resort had two buffets, we chose sit down restaurants where the food was made to order. After all, you still could eat as much as you like in the fine dining restaurants. You truly choose based on what you want. This gave us a taste of what it was like to have financial freedom. 

If you don't have to worry about price, you can truly Room Serviceenjoy the moment. Room Service was included too. If you wanted to sleep in, you can order room service, free of charge! Order as much as you want. Menus list no prices. Everything is paid for. The company took care of the gratuities. The resort was amazing. It had a large pool, nice beach, huge rooms, with both a shower and a private hot tub, it even offered one free Hydrotherapy Spa Day with Sauna and waterfalls. 

6882_878414652257011_7954798949850940952_nCassy and I took an excursion called Ocean Spa, where we had fish pedicures "Doctor Fish." We went on a boat where we relaxed and got a massage with honey and coffee, and just sunbathed on floaters in the ocean. It also included lunch on a pier in the middle of the ocean. One of the highlights of our trip is the service project. 

Our company is a believer of giving back to the community, so these incentive trips offer forms of "voluntourism." It feels great to fill a need. This year, we donated and packed school supplies to give to local schools. We also assembled bicycles and set up wheel chairs to give to the community.   Working on Bicycles 

Overall, our trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic was a once in a life time experience. We thank God for blessing us with the opportunity to work with an amazing company.

I thought I wouldn't want to go to the Dominican Republic. Going there changed my mind. Sometimes, we don't know what we are missing. 

Are there any places you've taken off your list because you had no reason to go there? Sometimes, we don't need a specific reason to travel or take a vacation. Sometimes, we travel for the new experience. Maybe, it's fun. Maybe, we make new friends or help others. Maybe it's the rest our body needs.

When you have financial freedom and time freedom, it opens you to a world of possibilities like going to the Carribean.... just because.  The Dominican Republic is just one of many trips that we experience while building our business around the world. We help people just like us achieve freedom.

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