Where do doTERRA essential oils come from?

UPDATE 6/13/2017 - Added Manuka Oil
UPDATE 3/20/2017 - I've been to all the conventions and major events receiving the most accurate and up to date information. doTERRA essential oils come from the best sources around the world that can produce enough quantity to support the demand of essential oil enthusiasts.

doTERRA Sourcing Map

When I look at doTERRA essential oil bottles and see ginger and lemon, I think of ingredients you can find at a store easily grown in the United States. However, this is not the case. doTERRA is very specific on what species they need, and where and when it is grown and harvested. I wrote about it in this article: Facts About Essential Oil Quality doTERRA sources from many countries across 6 continents and helps the growers and distillers through co-impact sourcing.

Here is the list:


Bulgaria - Melissa, Lavender, Juniper Berry
Bulgaria - Rose (Limited)
Greece (Crete) – Cypress
France – Lavender
France (Corsica) - Helichrsyum
Italy – Lemon Bergamot
Germany – Thyme
Austria – White Fir
Hungary – Marjoram
Hungary - Rosemary
Turkey – Oregano


China – Cassia
India – Black Pepper and Sandalwood
India - Lemongrass
India - Jasmine (Limited)
Indonesia – Cinnamon Patchouli
Japan -Hinoki (Limited)
Nepal - Wintergreen


Madagascar – Clove
Madagascar - Ylang Ylang
Madagascar - Ginger (Also supplemented by Jamaica Supply 2015)
Morocco – Rosemary
Ethiopia – Myrrh
Somalia – Frankincense
Egypt - Sweet Fennel
Mauritius - Geranium

North America the Caribbean

USA – Basil, Cedarwood, Cilantro, Coriander, Pink Grapefruit, Roman Chamomile
USA (Washington) - Peppermint
USA (Hawaii) - Hawaiian Sandalwood
Dominican Republic – Wild Orange
Haiti - Vetiver
Canada - Arborvitae
Canada - Birch (Limited)

South America

Guatemala - Cardamom
Lime - Brazil

Australia New Zealand
Australia – Eucalyptus
Australia – Melaleuca
New Zealand - Douglas Fir
New Zealanf - Manuka (New Zealand)

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