Learn About Vetiver Essential Oil from Haiti

Vetiver Essential OilVetiver essential oil is a popular base note oil to us in essential oil blending and perfumery. Vetiver is the base in many perfumes and colognes including Dior's Eau Sauvage, Geurlain's Vetiver, Roja Parfums Vetiver Extait. Besides perfumery, vetiver is used extensively in aromatherapy. Common with other base note oils with heavier molecules, Vetiver helps create a calming, grounding effect on emotions. I would describe the smell as "earthy." Others would describe it as sweet, woody, caramel, and smoky. Although the main components of vetiver include carvone, isovalencenol, and khusimol, vetiver is made up of over a hundred different constituents which makes it a very unique oil. The essential oil come from the roots of the vetiver grass. The roots are hyrdo diffused for 24 hours. Vetiver is grown in many parts of the world such as India, Reunion, Philippines, and Haiti. doTERRA sources it's vetiver essential oil from Haiti.

As I mentioned earlier, vetiver is used in the perfume industry. doTERRA specifically approached the growers to utilize vetiver in the aromatherapy industry. Because doTERRA works directly with the growers and distillers, the people who work the field get paid 4-7 times more than they normally would.Healng Hands Screenshot In addition, doTERRA supports growers by addressing needs in the community. This particular community had no immediate access to clean water. They would often have to travel 3 hours a day to get water. doTERRA setup a potable water system that will serve hundreds of families in the area, as well as the local schoolhouse adjacent to the well site. This water system includes an enclosed 600+ ft tubewell, a solar-powered pump, and a steel tower with elevated high-capacity water storage tanks to serve the community for many years to come. doTERRA also furnished the schools with locally sourced desks and chairs. doTERRA continues to support Haiti to this day. By purchasing Vetiver essential oil from doTERRA, you are supporting families in Haiti.

Vetiver Esssential Oil

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