Choosing an Essential Oil Blend to Meet Your Need

Essential Oil BlendsWhat do you do when you need to choose an oil to aid in digestion* or to soothe occasional aches*? When you look up what to use, somehow that ginger essential oil or peppermint may not satisfy your need completely. There are several options:

  1. Use a different oil. We each have different body chemistry and have different needs. An oil that works for a friend may not work as effectively for you.
  2. Blend different oils together or follow a recipe.
  3. Use a powerful ready made blend.

All options are great. In fact, I've done all of them and they've met my needs at different times of my life. I highly recommend blends. Essential oil blending is both a science and art. From the aromatherapy stand point, blending follows the same principals used in developing a perfume, identifying base, middle, and top notes. Unlike perfumery where the goal is to produce a desired aroma, one must know which oils have similar qualities to produce the desired effect. Typically, people blend 3 or 5 different oils and there are many recipes online. The challenge is creating a blend that has great harmony while retaining its potency.

doTERRA Sourcing Map

We are able to combine oils from all over the world.

The goal with blending is synergism, cooperation or interaction between two or more different substances, such that the total effect is greater than the sum of the individual effects. Different oils together may produce an effect better than anticipated, in other words, "1 + 1 = 3." This happens on a molecular level with each individual oil and its hundreds of natural compounds. This also happens on a level with different oils interacting with one another when blended together. Traditionally one culture may have used eucalyptus for respiratory support* while another culture used bay leaf. Today, through global exchange, we are able to take the best of multiple cultures and put them together. doTERRA has done a beautiful job developing some of the most popular proprietary essential oil blends on the market. They've also done an amazing job naming them so people know what they are used for right away. Blends such Breathe or Serenity are easy to identify, while some blends such as On Guard or Deep Blue may require some familiarization. When I'm busy, rather than make my own blends, I often rely on doTERRA's blends. It takes less work and it doesn't require purchasing multiple individual essential oil bottles. When you need it, it is already made.

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