Evaluating Essential Oil Prices

Different Brands of Peppermint Essential OilI am going to go over how to look at essential oil prices. Rather than choose premium brands from Europe such as Pranoram, Primavera, or Sanoflore, I decided to compare prices of essential oils that we can find in our local health food stores in Honolulu. Today, I went to the local GNC Store, Whole Foods, and Down to Earth. Oftentimes, I hear that people go to the health food store for essential oils. They carry brands such as Aura Cacia, Now, and Simplers Botanical. There is a misconception that it is cheaper to purchase essential oils from the health food store than it is to purchase directly from doTERRA International. Spoiler Alert: doTERRA is not the most expensive brand

After going to the health food store, I can see why there is a misunderstanding. Listed below are the prices of different brands of Peppermint Essential Oil sold locally:

Although it looks like doTERRA peppermint oil is the most expensive on first glance, we have to make sure that we are comparing the same amount essential oil. Most people don't take the bottle size into account. Some brands use 0.25 fl oz (7.39 ml) bottles, while others use 2 oz (59.15 ml) bottles. doTERRA uses 15 ml bottles which contain more essential oil than some of the other brands. Here is the list with the size of bottles, price per ml, and price per 15ml, so you can see where doTERRA stands in terms of competitive pricing.

¹Whole Foods, ²Down to Earth, ³GNC

Brands like Now, 365, Down To Earth, and Vitality works are significantly cheaper than doTERRA. While Aura Cacia's Organic line and Simplers Botanical cost more than doTERRA essential oils at member price. doTERRA oils are affordable. The truth is that doTERRA essential oils are sold at a fair market value meeting the demand of millions of consumers worldwide. It also important to note that members that purchase doTERRA essential oils can receive up to 30% back in product credits on doTERRA's "Loyalty Rewards Orders", so for every 3.33 oils, a person can get another one for free. doTERRA doesn't position itself solely on price, doTERRA is a company that offers great value.

  • It Gives Back To The Growers (Social Responsibility/Sustainability)
  • It invests in research and development
  • Provides essential oil education worldwide
  • It rewards the people who share and educate about oils
  • Highest Quality Essential Oils

doTERRA has great oils. If you were to smell each brand of peppermint, you will notice the different aromas. This means they each had different chemistry. Besides price, there are other factors to consider, especially when you are deciding what to use with your family. doTERRA oils are pure, potent, and unparalleled when it comes to quality. If you would like to learn more about essential oil quality, click here. Otherwise feel free to comment below.

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