doTERRA Wellness Summit 2017 Honolulu, Hawaii

Essential Oils are only great if you know how to use them. Sure, you can learn how to use essential oils online or by reading a book, but there's something about a live essential oil event that makes it better.

It's not the person on the stage (Although they can be fantastic speakers.) It's the attendees. It just makes the information shared more real and more sincere. Unlike salespeople, attendees have generally have no financial incentive to promote essentials oils to you. Everything that they say is driven by their passion for essential oils. They'll tell you what works and what doesn't. They'll give you tips about health and wellness that goes beyond essential oils. Sometimes you will make new lifetime friends. If they are overcoming similar health challenges with you, they can connect and empathize with you. If I were to sum up the benefit live events in one word, it would be: community.

The doTERRA brand of essential oils attracts the largest essential oil enthusiasts community with over 4,000,000 members around the world. Ever since I started my essential oil business in 2010, doTERRA has invested a lot of time and resources into Hawaii, sharing the benefits of essential oils. Hundreds of attendees attend these events every single year in Hawaii. For this reason, essential oils are a lot more popular in Hawaii today than it was ten years ago.

This past weekend, we hosted doTERRA's annual Wellness Summit at the Sheraton Waikiki. Over 600 wellness enthusiasts attended. Honolulu was one the 21 US Cities that doTERRA selected to do a Wellness Summit. This gives people an opportunity to learn about essential oils live without having to travel to the US mainland.

Some of the health and wellness topics included family health, emotional aromatherapy, enzyme supplements, rollerball remedies, and cooking with essential oils. In the afternoon, we covered topics to help essential oil business owners run their business. The topic I talked about was Time Management.

It was a fun and exciting time. Live events help create momentum and growth. The best part is that I can work with other leaders so that you aren't running the event by yourself. I enjoy events.

When you have a chance, please join us in our next essential oil live event.


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