dōTERRA Together Oil Blend : Magnolia and Yuzu Essential Oils

I love love love the exclusive dōTERRA Together Blend. dōTERRA Together is a limited release for attendees at the dōTERRA Gala Recognition Celebration in Salt Lake City, Utah and the dōTERRA Together Tour in 26 Cities in the United States and Canada. If you attend the dōTERRA Together Tour near you will receive this Limited Release Blend!

The dōTERRA Together Blend contains Magnolia and Yuzu essential oil diluted in Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Magnolia is an oil that is high in linalool and it smells great! Linalool makes Magnolia a calming oil that enhances the feeling of genuine connection with others.

Yuzu is a citrus fruit that grows in Japan. Like most citrus oils, Yuzu contains high amounts of limonene. Limonene makes Yuzu an uplifiting oil that dissipates apathy and restores a zest for life. Yuzu differs from other citrus oils. It is safe to use Yuzu on your skin and go outside. It is non-phototoxic. While most citrus oils contain furanocoumarins such as bergapten which makes your skin photosensitive, yuzu contains negligble to almost no furanocoumarins such as bergapten.

This means that you can apply dōTERRA Together Blend topically.

Usage: For Stress and Anxiety, apply to wrists and Temples, taking deep breaths. For menstrual cramping, apply over lower abdomen and to wrists. For sore muscles, massage onto affected muscles.
Attend the Together Tour to receive this amazing oil blend!

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