Think About the Farmers: A New Way of Looking at Essential Oils

I was shopping at Whole Foods the other day and thought about how they promote awareness of animal welfare when selling their meats. Consumers are looking to see if livestock are getting the proper food or shelter. If we care about the livestock, shouldn’t we also care about the farmers? Technology has made farming efficient over the years and it can be easy...

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Attending an Essential Oil Business Conference in Hong Kong

Have you ever wanted to go to an international conference overseas? Last month, after we went to China, we flew to Hong Kong to attend the doTERRA Impact 2016 Convention at the AsiaWorld-Expo on Lantau Island. doTERRA has been open in Hong Kong since 2013 and with the China market open, this convention serves most of the Asia market. In previous conventions...

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Our Journey to China: The World’s No. 2 Direct Selling Market

Ever think about having a business in China? We have business in seven countries outside of the United States. The business model is the same in almost all the countries we operate in. Essential oils are purchased and we make a percentage of the distribution. Partnering with an essential oil direct selling company such as doTERRA makes international busin...

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Network Marketing Isnamp;quot;t Perfect... Itamp;quot;s Just BETTER.

I was reading the book Go Pro by Eric Worre. The first chapter was titled "Network Marketing Isn't Perfect... It's Just BETTER." In the chapter, Eric summarizes audience feedback in what he call's "The Perfect Career List." People from over 30 countries shared specific things they'd like to have in a business and things they'd like to avoid. These are the...

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Visiting My Aunt in Tacoma, Washington

Sometimes traveling is not about the destination. It's about the people. Have you ever wanted to visit a friend or family member that moved away? Or maybe it was you who moved away? Sure, there are the very special occasions you see each other like weddings. In other cases, some people don't visit until a family member is ill. Have you ever wanted to visit ...

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New York with the Family

Traveling is amazing. Traveling with loved ones is better. I have a few friends who travel for work. A lot of times for one reason or another, they are not able to take their spouse or children, even if they wanted to. I even know people who work for airlines, who have these challenges. That's why I made it a goal to overcome that challenge to show others to...

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Our All Inclusive Carribean Vacation to the Dominican Republic

Have you ever limited your dreams? I never imagined going to a Caribbean resort, yet alone one organized by an essential oil company. I always thought these incentive trips or corporate retreats were for Fortune 500 executives or sales reps with type A personality. Not for a person like me. Rather than explore the possibility, I often disregarded it. I had ...

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Japan: A FOUR Week Adventure

Have you ever dreamed of traveling with your family but couldn't because of your job? That was me. It was a dream to have an international business and to be able to travel and not worry (too much) about income. After a few years of business, our dream became a reality. We were able to to take a week long trip to Japan back in December. This time, we wer...

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Essential oils are mainstream. Check out the news coverage!

1 out of 3 Americans use some form of complementary or alternative medicine. There is a shift in attitude towards Western Medicine, more people are seeking natural solutions, creating interest in essential oils, which are more potent than dried herbs. [caption id="attachment_458" align="aligncenter" width="611"] Here is a screenshot of one of the many news ...

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The Top 5 Fundamental Skills for Network Marketing

The Top 5 Fundamental Skills for Network Marketing What do you do in network marketing? How do you make money? You can have tons of lunches. You can share the benefits of essential oils with your friends. You can set up a lot of trade show booths but the bottom line is how do you create a professional salary/income? The following are the nuts and bolts to gi...

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Which Essential Oils Should I Have in My Collection?

There are hundreds of different essential oils. One company offers over 40 essential oil singles and 19 different blends. Just ten of them will cover most people's needs. But if you'd like to utilize more essential oils, you can check out our list. Over the years we've found our favorites and we use some single oils more than others which helped us in categ...

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Eucalyptus Oil and Congested Children: A Traditional Remedy

Eucalyptus Oil has been used for over 100 years for many different remedies. [caption id="attachment_537" align="alignleft" width="179"] Eucalyptus[/caption] According to Bush Medicine, A Pharmacopeia of Natural Remedies , Australian Aboriginals use eucalyptus leaf infusions (which contain eucalyptus oil) as a traditional medicine for treating body pains, ...

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Compensation: A Real Life Example of How Unilevel MLM Commission Works

doTERRA Compensation Plan: How Unilevel Works This is part of a series on doTERRA Compensation Beyond Theory. If you are looking at pursuing network marketing to either supplement or replace your income, this article will give you insight. I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, so I can only speak on how doTERRA's compensation plan works, but the principals are g...

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Compensation Plan: Your Monthly Check

doTERRA Compensation Plan: Your Monthly Check If you ever considered becoming a doTERRA wellness advocate, you might wonder how wellness advocates are paid. Wellness advocates are paid weekly on brand new enrollments or signups and are paid monthly on your organizational sales and repeat orders. doTERRA either sends wellness advocates a check in the mail* or...

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5 Interesting Facts of Essential Oils

5 Interesting Facts of Essential Oils Essential Oils are one of the newest trends and the marketing team for Dave Ramsey knows that posting about it will bring people to his site. This post is one of their most popular posts with over 10,000 likes I love Dave Ramsey and his book The Complete Guide to Money. I saw this post on essential oils. Dave Ramsey is ...

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Which Essential Oils are Pure or Synthetic?

Are doTERRA Essential Oils Synthetic? Where did this rumor come from? You can't believe everything you read on the internet. Even with our website, don't take my word for it but search around. There's been a lot of rumors about doTERRA since they first started. They shook me up. Ever since I've chosen to use and promote doTERRA Products, I had to know for m...

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The Year We Went to 8 Disney Parks - Where Dreams Come True

2014 was an amazing year. My wife and I traveled all over the United States. This year we decided to go to Disneyland, Disney World, and Tokyo Disney. We love Disney! A lot of times, people would have to wait a few years to take a major trip. Several major trips would be dismissed as improbable. Thank God for our business that gives us not only the finances...

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Setting Your Goal or Target? Hereamp;quot;s a Tip

I hope this tip helps. It's about setting goals. Have you ever felt like you couldn't set a goal, because it feels like you may set yourself up for disappointment? We've all been there. What ends up happening, is we become afraid to set up or commit to goals. Ultimately, we hurt ourselves in the long run. There's an emotion attached to the word "goal" Change...

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Peppermint Essential Oil. One of my Favorite Oils to Share.

Peppermint is an amazing essential oil. I use peppermint all the time. It is my favorite oil to share and to demonstrate. Take one drop of peppermint oil, rub your hands together an inhale. The feeling is amazing! You can also take a peppermint beadlet to freshen up or just for that cooling sensation in your mouth. If you ever wondered if there is a differe...

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Homemade Ice Cream - Dairy Free, No Added Sugar

Homemade Ice Cream - Dairy Free, No Added Sugar I have an awesome wife who made awesome ice cream. She blended and froze the following ingredients: Bananas x 3 Frozen Strawberries x 1/2 Cup Frozen Coconut Milk x 2 Tbsp Vanilla Extract x 1/2 Tspn Note: when purchasing the ingredients make sure there is no sugar, cane syrup, corn syrup or any sugar added. I ho...

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