Back to School & Emotional Wellness

Happy School Days!   For those of you with children, they will either be walking back into their newly modified classrooms, while some will be waking up and going to their at-home classroom space. Whatever it looks like for your child this school sem...

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Black Spruce Essential Oil : From the Boreal Forests of Canada

I love the smell of Black Spruce. It’s in one of my favorite dōTERRA Blends Balance. It smells like the forest and instills a sense of confidence and tranquility. Black Spruce is also great for lightening dark spots on the skin as well as supporting ...

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The Tummy Tamer: doTERRA Kids Digestive Blend

Just because a remedy is natural, doesnrsquo;t mean that is has to smell (or taste) bad. Irsquo;m so excited for dōTERRArsquo;s new ldquo;Tamerrdquo; digestive blend for tummyaches. It works great and smells wonderful. I use it even when I donrsquo;t...

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