Learn About Deep Blue Rub

Our friends and family love Deep Blue Rub. It's one of those items that you use everyday that didn't matter how it worked as long as it works. In fact over these past few years, rather than talk about it, I'd just people experience it. People tell me...

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Learn About On Guard Essential Oil Blend

On Guard is an essential oil blend we never leave home without. When we travel, we either diffuse it, use it in a spray for the airplane or hotel, or take a capsule of it in On Guard+.  Benefits of On Guard include: Supports healthy immune and respir...

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Choosing an Essential Oil Blend to Meet Your Need

What do you do when you need to choose an oil to aid in digestion* or to soothe occasional aches*? When you look up what to use, somehow that ginger essential oil or peppermint may not satisfy your need completely. There are several options: Use a di...

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Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood (amp;quot;Iliahi) Essential Oil

Growing up, I was taught that sandalwood in Hawai'i was exploited to near extinction in the 1800s. You can imagine how surprised I was when doTERRA announced that they will be offering Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oil at their 2012 annual convention...

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Learn About Vetiver Essential Oil from Haiti

Vetiver essential oil is a popular base note oil to us in essential oil blending and perfumery. Vetiver is the base in many perfumes and colognes including Dior's Eau Sauvage, Geurlain's Vetiver, Roja Parfums Vetiver Extait. Besides perfumery, vetive...

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Where do doTERRA essential oils come from?

UPDATE 6/13/2017 - Added Manuka Oil UPDATE 3/20/2017 - I've been to all the conventions and major events receiving the most accurate and up to date information. doTERRA essential oils come from the best sources around the world that can produce enoug...

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Facts About Essential Oil Quality. Is there a difference?

Have you every stood in a store wondering why one brand cost significantly more than the other? Usually, we learn from trial and error or a recommendation from a friend. Sometimes the internet may help us and at other times it doesn't. In the past, I...

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Wintergreen (Nepalese) Essential Oil from Nepal

Wintergreen is great for your muscles after a workout. It is a natural source of methyl salicylate. Methyl salicylate is used in topical creams and massage blends because of its soothing properties. The methyl salicylate used in topical creams are ty...

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How many drops are in an Essential Oil bottle?

If you work with essential oils you know that a drop or two can go a long way. How many drops are in each bottle? As I discussed most of the oils come in the standard size of 15 mL bottles while premium oils come in 5 mL bottles. Many people like to ...

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Learn About Lemon Essential Oil from Sicily, Italy

Lemons in Italy are used to make everything from granita (shaved ice doused in lemonade) to limoncello (lemon based liqueur). There’s a saying in Sicily that lemons are not real lemons unless they’re Sicilian. The best lemons come from Sicily, so it'...

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Learn About Jasmine Absolute from India

Jasmine absolute is highly prized. It evokes feelings of joy, peace, and self-confidence and promotes a healthy-looking, glowing complexion. Sourcing of Jasmine doTERRA sources Jasmine from India. Jasmine blossoms are picked and harvested by hand at ...

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Think About the Farmers: A New Way of Looking at Essential Oils

I was shopping at Whole Foods the other day and thought about how they promote awareness of animal welfare when selling their meats. Consumers are looking to see if livestock are getting the proper food or shelter. If we care about the livestock, sho...

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Essential oils are mainstream. Check out the news coverage!

1 out of 3 Americans use some form of complementary or alternative medicine. There is a shift in attitude towards Western Medicine, more people are seeking natural solutions, creating interest in essential oils, which are more potent than dried herbs...

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Which Essential Oils Should I Have in My Collection?

There are hundreds of different essential oils. One company offers over 40 essential oil singles and 19 different blends. Just ten of them will cover most people's needs. But if you'd like to utilize more essential oils, you can check out our list. O...

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Eucalyptus Oil and Congested Children: A Traditional Remedy

Eucalyptus Oil has been used for over 100 years for many different remedies. [caption id="attachment_537" align="alignleft" width="179"] Eucalyptus[/caption] According to Bush Medicine, A Pharmacopeia of Natural Remedies , Australian Aboriginals us...

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5 Interesting Facts of Essential Oils

5 Interesting Facts of Essential Oils Essential Oils are one of the newest trends and the marketing team for Dave Ramsey knows that posting about it will bring people to his site. This post is one of their most popular posts with over 10,000 likes I...

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Which Essential Oils are Pure or Synthetic?

Are doTERRA Essential Oils Synthetic? Where did this rumor come from? You can't believe everything you read on the internet. Even with our website, don't take my word for it but search around. There's been a lot of rumors about doTERRA since they fi...

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Peppermint Essential Oil. One of my Favorite Oils to Share.

Peppermint is an amazing essential oil. I use peppermint all the time. It is my favorite oil to share and to demonstrate. Take one drop of peppermint oil, rub your hands together an inhale. The feeling is amazing! You can also take a peppermint beadl...

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Sunny Days and Lobster Skin

While some of you may wonder why I'm posting about this, it is because I fell in love with a new blend of oils that Holan made for me to try out. There's a little bit of a back story here.... On the morning of July 4th, I, along with most of my famil...

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