dōTERRA's Wellness Program

 Introducing dōTERRA's new Wellness Program! You might be curious about how this works, is it affordable, will it provide me with a good selection of products, and the biggest question, is it easy? Find out for yourself below!      Why choose a Wellness Program?   1. Members who sign up for the Wellness Kit Program will be added to an email drip campaign for...

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Pursue 2020 Convention Kit FAQ

Convention Kit FAQ What’s the price and PV of the PURSUE 2020 Convention Kit? The price of the PURSUE 2020 Convention Kit is $165. It’s worth 120 PV. In which markets is the Convention Kit available? The Convention Kit is available for the US, GAC, and NFR markets. How many Convention Kits can I order? Currently, only two Convention Kits can be ordered per c...

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New Product Kit Details

   I wish that I could sit here with you all day and educate you about the wonderful benefits of these limited edition oils, new, updated, and now permanent items. Since I can't please everyone with the perfect day and time, I leave it up to you do read up on some of the top highlights.  You can download the New Product Guide below. PURSUE CONVENTION NEW PRO...

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doTERRRA New Product Reveal on September 9, 2020

It's that time of year where doTERRA releases BRAND NEW exclusive oils. Any guesses on the new oils and products? Join us on Wednesday, September 9, 2020 at 6PM Mountain Time for an exclusive look at the new products. Option 1: Join us on Zoom for a Watch Party. Register to join us on Zoom Option 2: Join our Facebook Watch Party. Join our Team FB Group* *Mus...

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10 Reasons To Attend Pursue 2020

We are here to partner with you on making PURSUE 2020 the biggest event yet! Holding this event virtually makes it possible for us to come together in a way that has never been done before! Check out our top 10 reasons for attending with us this year.  1. Our first virtual Convention - PURSUE has a unique ability to bring interactive and dynamic presentation...

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Wellness Education Series

Click Here to Register for Wellness Series Great news!! We have an exclusive virtual 8-week Wellness Education Series just for you! Are you still wondering how you're going to use all your essential oils and products? No need to fear, we will be covering a great lineup of info during the virtual 8-week Wellness Education Series. Below are the topics that we'...

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