dōTERRA's Wellness Program

 Introducing dōTERRA's new Wellness Program!

You might be curious about how this works, is it affordable, will it provide me with a good selection of products, and the biggest question, is it easy?
Find out for yourself below! 

Why choose a Wellness Program?
1. Members who sign up for the Wellness Kit Program will be added to an email drip campaign for the specific track(s) they chose. Members will receive these emails as well as the usage details included in their order and the QR code which will take them to a landing page with usage protocols. Of course, this service is optional but our intention to educate and to make sure your members feel comfortable and confident when using their new products!

2. Set it and forget it! Each time you choose a Wellness Program, track you won't have to worry about your orders for 3 months. Isn't that nice?

3. In each package, you'll receive a Limited Time Offer product! That means that each Wellness Kit you receive, you'll receive a freebie that dōTERRA doesn't sell. How awesome is that?!

Healthy Made Simple & Easy

If you're anything like me,  you love receiving a perfectly curated package each month with products that you get to try samples of before you make a full purchase and products that you know you'll use.

What's better than receiving a perfectly curated package each month? Receiving one that you get to customize! 

Let's take a peek into these awesome Wellness Programs. 

Immunity Wellness Program

This program is one of my favorites because who couldn't benefit from the powerful benefits of On Guard?
These great kits will help you get familiar with dōTERRA's On Guard line while helping to keep your immune systems up and healthy. I love that each kit comes with the Sanitizing Mist! 

In the Immunity Kits, the bonus products that you'll receive are On Guard Dental Floss, Copper Tongue Scraper, and a 4ml bottle of Frankincense essential oil. 

Mind & Mood Wellness Program

In a time where stress and unrest are on the rise, this is the perfect kit to help combat all the stresses that come to us day in and day out. You get a chance to try out a bunch of cool products and oils that help to reduce stress and create a positive sleep environment.

In the Mind & Mood Kits, the bonus products are a mini Balance essential oil blend Deodorant, Mini Unscented Body Butter, and Unscented Bath Salts.

Relief Wellness Program

Sometimes getting older comes with its challenges, but you don't always have to be "old" to be experiencing pain. You could be going through your own physical pain in many different ways. I've experienced sore muscles from working out, pulling my back, and even head tension. 

Whatever type of physical pain you're going through, this Relief Kit has a number of great items to help you through in different ways. 

In the Relief Kit, the bonus products are a Massage Ball, Mini Refillable Deep Blue Rub Tube with Massage Top, Empty Roller Bottles, and a Mini Fractionated Coconut Oil.