10 Reasons To Attend Pursue 2020

We are here to partner with you on making PURSUE 2020
the biggest event yet!
Holding this event virtually makes it possible for us to come
together in a way that has never been done before!
Check out our top 10 reasons for attending with us this year. 

1. Our first virtual Convention - PURSUE
has a unique ability to bring interactive and dynamic
presentations and education right to your home.
You can watch at your own pace and access all of the
content until October 31, 2020. 

2. Convention offers in-depth product training
from our Executives and their teams
which makes everything possible.
You get to hear straight from the experts.

3. Insights into the future of dōTERRA - a never-seen-before insider's
view of what sets dōTERRA apart from all the rest.
Not only will we share with you the roots of how it all began,
but we will give you a view into the complete process - from source to you.
This would not be possible at an in-person event,
and we are so thrilled to take this in-depth
journey with you and show off some
of the behind-the-scenes experts
and processes that ensure the
purity and efficacy unique only to dōTERRA! 

4. New product offerings!
From extensions of tried-and-true
products lines to exciting new additions we
have no doubt you will learn to love,
you don't want to miss out on
being one of the first to learn
about the life-enhancing benefits coming to you.

5. A season of HOPE where
Emily Wright will introduce a new initiative
with special guests who have leveraged
their impact to protect and save children.
Together, with our new partners and each of you,
we can continue to make real and lasting changes. 

6. Experience our very first virtual product showcase.
The dōTERRA Home will be an
interactive experience to learn how
to use dōTERRA products all throughout the day.

7. Access to our Empowered Success Business Training.
Along with some great leadership content,
we will also have an intro to the business
that will invite those not currently sharing to join the movement. 

8. Be a part of the live interactive activities
happening that bring the dōTERRA community
together during and after the sessions.
Lots of opportunities to win free products.

9. A variety of Doctors, nurses,
and other health care professionals
educating on how the body works
and to supercharge it with oils and oil-infused products.
Check out agenda highlights here:

10. Whether it be in a virtual watch party
or together, PURSUE 2020
will bring you and your teams together
to grow and learn like never before.
With three main topics that apply to everyone.