Wellness Education Series

Great news!!
We have an exclusive virtual 8-week
Wellness Education Series just for you!
Are you still wondering how you're going to use
all your essential oils and products?
No need to fear, we will be covering
a great lineup of info during the
virtual 8-week Wellness Education Series.
Below are the topics that we'll be covering. 

1. I Have Oils, Now What?
2. Nutrition & Supplements 
3. Toxin Free Living
4. Oils For Young & Old
5. Essential Skin Care
6. Stress, Sleep, & Emotions
7. Women's Health & Hormones
8. Oils For Pain Management

Each week we will have a guest speaker that will share their real experiences with
using dōTERRA in their everyday routines.
On top of that, all of these virtual classes are FREE and if you attend all 8,
you will get a FREE DIFFUSER!!
How awesome is that?! All you have to do is register with this link here,
and you'll be all set to attend. 

If you want more information, please talk to the person who helped
you get started with your
dōTERRA wholesale account.
If you don't know who that is, please send an email
with your request and dōTERRA ID number.