Enrollment Kit Updates (April 2021)

doTERRA has made enhancements to all five enrollment kits.

Here are the updates:

1. The New Aroma Essentials Collection is launched and is $149.50

2. In the Healthy Start Kit, the New Pebble Diffuser will be replacing the Brevi Diffuser.

3. In the Healthy Habits Kit, Tangerine essential oil will be replacing Lemon Essential Oil. Tangerine has higher limonene content (over 90%) than lemon oil (around 70%).
4. The Healthy Essentials kit will be renamed to the Home Essentials Kit.

5. Last but not least, the Natural Solutions Kit is now $485 (lower than the previous price of $570)
--The Laluz diffuser is replacing the Lumo diffuser.
--The Soap Dispenser is now glass (previously platic)
--The Shampoo and Conditioner is removed from the kit. (it can be purchased separately from the kit)