October Promotions (2022)

October is the start of all the goodness that Fall brings us.
We are still hyped from the MetaPWR announcements and have been enjoying our journey with it for the past couple weeks now.
Let's continue the excitement!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to receive Balance 15 mL for free when placing a 125 PV Loyalty Order by October 15th!

Balance is our favorite grounding blend; it offers a tranquil aroma suggesting harmony to the mind & body. Many of the oils in this blend have been used for thousands of years to balance emotions and ease anxious feelings.

Fun Fact: Blue Tansy is sourced from Morocco and is sometimes referred to as Moroccan Tansy. It’s one of the many aromas in doTERRA Balance that has a refreshing, sweet, herbaceous aroma.

For the month of October, embrace the pink power of Pink Pepper for 10% off! Internal use of Pink Pepper oil may help the body maintain healthy cellular function and overall cellular health.

The small pink fruits of the pink peppercorn tree were considered sacred to the ancient Incas and are used today for herbal holistic practices. They are also the source of Pink Pepper essential oil. Unlike its name, pink peppercorns are actually unrelated to black peppercorns and are more closely related to cashews. The oil is sourced from pink peppercorn berries and produces a slightly woody and spicy, fruit flavour and aroma which can be used in cooking, on the skin, or simply admired for its invigorating aroma. You’ll be tickled pink when you add Pink Pepper essential oil to your collection.

Fun Fact: Native to subtropical regions of South America, the pink pepper tree grows to about 50 feet and produces a bright pink fruit!

For the month of October, place an order of 180 PV or higher and receive Adaptiv Capsules for FREE!
We have some great options to help you save and get the best deals on your products.

Just reach out to us either here on our website, or feel free to DM us on Instagram @cas.nakata

Have a very great October!