January Promotions (2023)

Happy New Year!
We hope you can look back on this year and see the good things that you were able to experience.
 We have seen some amazing things and can't wait to see more this year! 
Starting with our promotions!!

Place a 125 PV or more loyalty order by January 15 and receive a free 5ml bottle of White Grapefruit.

Citrusy, bright, and fruity with a crisp bite of bitterness, the aroma of White Grapefruit essential oil shines on its own. Though its aroma is not quite as sweet as its pink grapefruit cousin, White Grapefruit essential oil shares the key chemistry and benefits of . High in limonene, this unique grapefruit variety is known for its cleansing properties. It is beneficial to both the skin and hair, and its additional oral cleansing benefits making White Grapefruit an ideal essential oil to incorporate into many facets of your personal care routine.

- Improve your oral hygiene routine by adding a drop of White Grapefruit oil to your toothpaste before brushing, or add one drop of White Grapefruit to 30 mL
of water, rinse, and spit for a refreshingly clean mouthwash.
- Diffuse three to five drops of White Grapefruit oil throughout the home to enjoy a bright, energizing aroma at any time of the day.
- Add several drops of White Grapefruit oil to your homemade essential oil cleaning spray for a boosted clean that leaves behind a delightful citrusy aroma.

Fun Fact: White Grapefruit’s name comes from the color of its white peel, but the flesh of the fruit is also much paler than regular grapefruit.
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Avoid sunlight or UV rays for up to 12 hours after applying product.

For the month of January, you can get 5ml Cinnamon Bark for 10% off!

When taken internally, Cinnamon oil benefits the body by supporting healthy metabolic function while also maintaining healthy immune function.* Because Cinnamon essential oil contains a high amount of cinnamaldehyde, only one or two drops of oil are needed for internal benefits

- Supports healthy metabolic function when taken internally† 
- Helps maintain a healthy immune system when taken internally†
- Provides a sweet, warm, comforting aroma

Fun Fact: What spice could be more valuable than Gold? You guessed it. Cinnamon was once consider to be more valuable than Gold. In Egypt, Cinnamon was desired for certain practices such as embalming.

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SuperMint Is Now Available!

Crisp, clean, and compelling, doTERRA SuperMint brings together CPTG® Peppermint, Japanese Mint, Bergamot Mint, and Spearmint essential oils for a powerfully refreshing blend. When diffused or used topically, doTERRA SuperMint offers an invigorating and energizing aroma, creating an uplifting environment that’s ideal for mental focus and enhanced stamina. Menthol—the primary chemical constituent of doTERRA SuperMint—promotes a cooling sensation when inhaled, which may contribute to feelings of open airways. When applied to the skin during a massage, its cooling effect may be soothing and comforting. This synergistic blend helps freshen the breath and can be taken internally to support a healthy digestive system.

These are permanent item so you can enjoy SuperMint in the 15ml bottle, 10ml Touch, and in the Beadlet form!

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