March Promotions (2023)

As we hope for warmer weather and the sight of flower blooms, here are some things to help tie you over in the wait. 

Place a 125 PV or more Loyalty Rewards order by March 15 and receive 3 sample sachets of dōTERRA's amazing Fiber.

We know that fiber is important, but it also seems to be one of those nutrients that is hard to get enough of. The recommended amount of fiber for an adult is between 25–38 grams of soluble and insoluble fiber every day depending on age, weight, and gender. However, even when eating a healthy diet, a large percent of the US is not even getting half that amount. doTERRA Fiber is a simple, effortless way to add 6 grams of soluble and insoluble fiber into your diet every day.

- High source of fiber

- Contains high potency vitamin C

- May support digestive function

How To Use: Mix one sachet with 10 ounces of cold or room temp water and drink immediately.

Fun Fact: When taken on a daily basis, you may be supporting cardiovascular health, immune system, metabolic processes, healthy cholesterol, blood sugar, and more! 

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For the month of March, you can get Ginger essential oil for 10% off. 

Newly sourced from Madagascar, doTERRA Ginger essential oil is derived from the fresh rhizome of the ginger plant In Western tradition, Ginger is most often used in sweets—gingerbread and ginger snaps being two examples. Internal use of Ginger is best known as a digestive aid and for helping to ease occasional indigestion and nausea.

- Supports healthy digestion when used internally.

- Eases occasional indigestion and nausea when used as an internal-use digestive aid.

- Provides a soothing and calming aroma.

- Great for cooking or baking with.

Fun Fact: The scientific name for ginger, “Zingiber,” is derived from the Greek zingiberis, which comes from the Sanskrit sringabera, meaning “horn shaped."

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