May Promotions (2023)

It's officially May!!
This month is packed with a ton of great promotions and classes!

Product of The Month Club
Place a 125pv Loyalty Rewards Order by the 15th of this month and receive a FREE 5ml bottle of Niaouli!
When I smell this special oil, it makes me thing that Tea Tree and Eucalyptus had a baby. To me, it's very soothing.

Learn more about Niaouli here: Niaouli Essential Oil

10% Off Special
As the weather is getting warmer, more insects are starting to come and buzz about. Especially mosquitos!
The Citronella has been panted around homes and outdoor hangout areas for years and now we have it in a concentrated essential oil! 
 Protect yourself naturally without the harmful chemicals of store bought insect spray.

The discounted price brings it down to $18.90 with 18.9pv

Learn more about Citronella here: Citronella Essential Oil


Anyone else love a great deal?
If you order 200+pv, you will get both a 15ml bottle of Copaiba Essential Oil and a bottle of Copaiba Softgels!
Here are just a few testimonials of what people are saying about Copaiba...

"I usually take 1 to 2 drops sublingual to help manage pain and assist with nerve twitches or headaches."

"Ever since I have been taking Copaiba, my nails have become far! Love it!"

"I love Copaiba, i take it under my tongue, morning and evening for cellular support and pain management. it's also my go to oil whenever I'm overwhelmed with things to do and things to finish."

Learn more about Copaiba here: Copaiba Essential Oil

Limited Time Promotion!

Get a head start on shopping for Father's day with these limited time, while supplies last offers.
Let me just tell you that the Myst Diffuser with Midnight Forest Essential blend will be sold out in a few days so get it while it's available!
It quickly has become my favorite diffuser.


AHHHH!!! It's finally here!!
We got a chance to try this product out back in September 2022 and it has been on the front of my mind ever since.
The best part about this product is that it's several products in one.
You got your sun protection, moisturizer, healing skin oils, and my favorite part... blue light protection! This was made to use daily and doesn't have any of the bad ingredients.
It's light weight, doesn't clog your pores, not oily or greasy, it's the last step in your morning skincare routine, and can be used under your makeup.

This is a permanent item so don't worry about FOMO.

Learn more about the Sun Face Moisturizer here: dōTERRA Sun

P.S. If you made it all the way to the end, congratulations! You didn't miss out on the fabulous freebies and new products that came out this month!!