Learn About Jasmine Absolute from India

doTERRA JasmineJasmine absolute is highly prized. It evokes feelings of joy, peace, and self-confidence and promotes a healthy-looking, glowing complexion.

Sourcing of Jasmine

doTERRA sources Jasmine from India. Jasmine blossoms are picked and harvested by hand at the most optimal time of 6:00 AM to 12 Noon, when the flowers contain the maximum amount of aroma.

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Species of Jasmine

There are many species of Jasmine. On some of those species, there are many varieties.

Jasminum grandifloria and Jasminum sambacPicture Left: Jasminum grandifloria Right: Jasminum sambac "Maid of Orleans" aka Pikake

Most people that live or have traveled to Hawaii know Jasmine by its Hawaiian Name, Pikake which is commonly used in lei making. The species grown in Hawaii is Jasminum sambac. Pikake’s specific cultivar or type is “Maid of Orleans.” Although it is popular, Pikake is not native to Hawaii. doTERRA Jasmine absolute Jasminum grandiflora also known as Spanish Jasmine or Royal Jasmine.

Essential Oil or Absolute?

Essential oils are obtained either by distillation and Cold Press Expression (primarily used to obtain citrus essential oils) Absolutes, other the other hand, are generally extracted with solvents. Exctacting JasmineJasmine flowers are too delicate or fragile to be distilled so instead of Jasmine “essential oil,” the final Jasmine product is "Jasmine absolute". During the extraction process, solvents are used to obtain the “concrete" which contains waxy plant material and the volatile compounds. Alcohol is added to “concrete” to obtain only the volatile compounds or the “absolute." Absolutes are very concentrated in aroma. It takes 352 Jasmine blossoms to produce 1 drop of Jasmine absolute. Most companies use chemical solvents used in extracting oils leave residues and can pose serious health risks. dōTERRA, on the other hand, utilizes grain alcohol to extract Jasmine absolute. When grain alcohol is used in place of chemical solvents such as hexane, there are no chemical residues left in the oil, nor contaminants of any kind.

Beware of Synthetics

Synthetic Jasmine This was found at the local health food store.[/caption] Because production of jasmine absolute is costly, fillers or synthetic additives are added to it. I went to a local health food store and found Jasmine. Immediately, I knew that something was wrong with the price. After looking at the label, I discovered that the Ingredients listed were: "Jasmine oil with other fragrances (synthetic)". At least they were transparent in listing "synthetic fragrance" in the ingredients as some companies won't even do that.

The doTERRA Difference

Where and when the flower is picked is important. How an absolute or essential oil is obtained is just as important. dōTERRA is adamantly opposed to using chemical solvents. doTERRA Jasmine is 100% Jasmine Absolute. Nothing added or taken away.

doTERRA Jasmine is 100% Jasmine Absolute. Nothing added or taken away.


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