dōTERRA Together Tour : 5 Reasons Why You Should Attend

dōTERRA is bringing the Together Global Convention experience to 26 cities across United States and Canada. This interactive expo setting will allow you to see, experience, and smell the exciting new products released at our 2019 doTERRA Together Convention. For a list of cities doTERRA will visit , please click here. There are many reasons to attend th...

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dōTERRA Together Oil Blend : Magnolia and Yuzu Essential Oils

I love love love the exclusive dōTERRA Together Blend. dōTERRA Together is a limited release for attendees at the dōTERRA Gala Recognition Celebration in Salt Lake City, Utah and the dōTERRA Together Tour in 26 Cities in the United States and Canada. If you attend the dōTERRA Together Tour near you will receive this Limited Release Blend! The dōTERRA Togethe...

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New Products: From Together | dōTERRA Global Convention

Here are the new products from the Together dōTERRA Global Convention 2019: They can be categorized in the following: NEW ESSENTIAL OILS: Black Spruce , Celery Seed , Citronella , and Lemon Eucalyptus DIGESTIVE SUPPORT: Peppermint Enteric Coated Softgels and Tamer Blend NEW ADAPTIV CALMING SYSTEM: ADAPTIV oil and supplement NEW YARROW POM BEAUTY CARE...

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ADAPTIV : Keep Calm + Oil On

Irsquo;ve been using the new ADAPTIV system for overall mental wellness. Itrsquo;s been working great! The smell of ADAPTIV is out of this world! It contains an oil I havenrsquo;t experienced before: sweetgum essential oil. Combined with Lavender, Magnolia, Neroli (Orange blossoms), Wild orange, Copaiba, and Rosemary, ADAPTIV is designed to relieve stress an...

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The Yarrow | Pom Collection : Beauty from the inside and out

I love using Yarrow | Pom for my skin especially when Irsquo;m in drier climates like Las Vegas. I find that the Body Serum and the Face Serum works better than lotions and moisturizers Irsquo;ve used in the past. I also take the new Yarrow | Pom capsules since everyone knows that the best way to take care of your skin is to start from the inside out. The be...

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Turmeric Dual Chamber Capsules : Curcuminoids and Turmerones

My doctor from Prime Meridian Health Clinic recommends that I take turmeric everyday for my overall health. Curcuminoids have tons of benefits. Unfortunately, it will do little good if your body canrsquo;t utilize most of it since curcuminoids have low bioavailability. For three years, dōTERRA researched how to create the best Turmeric supplement that has bo...

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Peppermint Enteric Coated Softgels : Soothes Digestive Discomfort

It is estimated that 74% of people are living with various digestive concerns. Peppermint tea is a traditional remedy for stomach upsets. Did you know 1 drop of peppermint essential oil is = 28 cups of peppermint tea? Peppermint Beadlets = 1/4 drop (Pop in your mouth)
 Peppermint Softgels = 6 Drops / Enteric Coated (Delivered to Intestine) For some diges...

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Celery Seed Essential Oil

I don't care for the taste of celery... but the benefits of Celery Seed essential oil is AMAZING! How would you like to take care of your body from the inside out?

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Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil : Co-Impact Sourced from Kenya

Lemon Eucalyptus is amazing on several levels! Not only do we source it from Kenya and pay above fair wages, we are also helping the people to afford land, food, and goods for their families. This is a great oil to clean with because it smells lemony fresh without the harmful chemicals. It's also another alternative to insect repellent!

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Citronella Essential Oil : More Than an Insect Repellant

Excited to keep your skin looking good and away from those pesky blood suckers? I'm very excited to try out doTERRA's Citronella oil not only to prevent being eaten alive, but for my hair and scalp care. I heard that if you combine 1-2 drops when you shampoo, your hair will get a deeper clean and a nice shine! Are you excited for this oil? How do you plan to...

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Advantages of Working from Home in Hawaii

Have you ever wanted to work from home? Some people like to keep their home and work life separate. My wife and I have been working out of home for a year, and we love it. For the record, you can keep work and home life separate in a home-based business. We have a separate room in our house dedicated for our business. This is our home office. That helps sep...

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If I’m eating healthy, do I need to take vitamins?

If I’m eating healthy, do I need to take vitamins? The answer: It depends. I eat dark leafy veggies with every meal. I avoid processed foods and junk food. I meet most of the recommended daily allowances (RDAs) of vitamins and minerals through my regular meals. Based on the recommendations by the United States Food and Nutrition Board and Institute of Medic...

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doTERRA Wellness Summit 2017 Honolulu, Hawaii

Essential Oils are only great if you know how to use them. Sure, you can learn how to use essential oils online or by reading a book, but there's something about a live essential oil event that makes it better. It's not the person on the stage (Although they can be fantastic speakers.) It's the attendees. It just makes the information shared more real and m...

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Paleo Cooking with Essential Oils: Healthy Mexican

Did you know that you can cook with essential oils? It's true, essential oils can be more potent than extracts. Be careful though. Not all oils can be taken internally and not all brands are the same. Always read the labels! Most of doTERRA essential oils are GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) for internal use. The rule of thumb with doTERRA oils is if you se...

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We visited every Disneyland in the world

What is your hobby? Do you collect anything? Do you play sports or play music? Do you like working on cars? What if you can do more of that? It’s no secret. My wife and I are Disney fans. Ever since we got married, we’ve gone to a Disney park every single year. We went to Disneyland’s 60th anniversary with our friends in 2015 and 2016. We went to Disney Worl...

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I lost 11 Pounds and 1.94% Body Fat in One Month

Path to Wellness When I was in Europe back last month in May 2017, I noticed that I looked very bloated in some of my pictures. The only thing I could do is to keep my jacket on to hide my overall physique. I knew that overeating and a lack of exercise has caught up to me. I was resolved to make changes in my life when I returned home, to create a manageable...

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Essential Oil Chemistry: Synergy and Quenching

Understanding essential oil chemistry can give us insight to why we choose essential oils. While it's great to feel positive effects, the results are not quite measurable. Thr ough scientific methods, one can identify the molecules found in essential oils. Scientist research to identify active ingredients, components which are shown to produce a desired effe...

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Visiting Paris for the First Time

After spending a week in the Czech Republic , we spent a week in Paris before going back home to Hawaii. Flying to the City of Lights and going to Disneyland is our dream vacation that we had since before we got married. When Cassy and I married, we had a very tight budget. We planned on going straight home after the reception. Our wedding was on Saturday...

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Beware of Fraudulent Essential Oils in the Market

There are many brands of essential oils to choose from. Unfortunately, what you see is not always what you get. Some brands promising 100 percent purity contained no essential oils at all. On the right, these oils are marketed as "100% Pure." They were found to have synthetic additives. Each 15ml bottle oil is sold for $2.97, regardless of the type of oil....

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Learning from our Mentors at a Business Retreat in Prague, Czech Republic

“Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” -Proverbs 15:22 Who do you go to for guidance? Who are your mentors or advisers? I have mentors in different areas of my life. I have financial planners . I’ve hired a health coach and a personal fitness trainer. I talk to pastors regarding life advice. For business, I follow the top es...

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