Beware of Fraudulent Essential Oils in the Market

Scam Alert

There are many brands of essential oils to choose from. Unfortunately, what you see is not always what you get. Some brands promising 100 percent purity contained no essential oils at all. Cheap Oils On the right, these oils are marketed as "100% Pure." They were found to have synthetic additives. Each 15ml bottle oil is sold for $2.97, regardless of the type of oil.

Dr. Robert Pappas, an expert in essential oil analysis published testing reports of fraudulent essential oils. In all cases, the fraudulent essential oils were marketed as 100% pure and natural. Here are a few real life examples of essential oil fraud:

Essential oil fraud is a growing trend following trends in the food industries. We live in a world that "100% Parmesan cheese” may not even be 100% Cheese, where olive oil may not be olive oil, and over half the tuna consumed isn’t even tuna. As consumers, we must gather information to make educated decisions not only protect our pocketbook but to also protect our health.

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