ADAPTIV : Keep Calm + Oil On

Irsquo;ve been using the new ADAPTIV system for overall mental wellness.

Itrsquo;s been working great! The smell of ADAPTIV is out of this world! It contains an oil I havenrsquo;t experienced before: sweetgum essential oil. Combined with Lavender, Magnolia, Neroli (Orange blossoms), Wild orange, Copaiba, and Rosemary, ADAPTIV is designed to relieve stress and uplift mood.

When you inhale essential oils, it goes through the olfactory system which is part of the limbic system which affects behavior, thought and emotion. While the oils work with the limbic system, the ADAPTIV capsules work systemically through neurological and biochemical processes.

It has ingredients likehellip;

GABA, which promotes relaxation and reduces anxious feelings by decreasing neuronal excitability.

Sceletium extract, which contains certain alkaloids that interact with PDE4 and 5HT receptors which are interactive points for GABA and Seratonin.

Ahi flower, which play a critical role in supporting brain function and structures.

Lavender, coriander, wild orange and fennel essential oils, which are known for its calming properties and reducing anxious feelings.

doTERRA did a lot of studies on this supplement.

They did studies on how the ADAPTIV supplement affected neuronal cells and its signaling pathways.
They found that ADAPTIV turned down activity at 8 of the 11 signaling pathways that they were looking at.
That means that ADAPTIV supports a resting state of neuronal cells, which could lead to calming, sedative, and anxiolytic effects.

When they exposed brain cells to ADAPTIV and looked under a microscope, they found that ADAPTIV help support F-actin. F-actin is a protein that helps neuronal cells function optimally and even grow. ADAPTIV helps neurons adapt and change as needed.

doTERRA conducted a Country-Wide, 4 week, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study where all participants took a GAD-7 survey and the results were dramatic. Not only did the participants. experience great improvement in just a few days. Improvements persisted over the next 4 weeks.

After seeing, the studies I was sold and I knew I had to start using these products as soon as possible.

Who do you know that can benefit from ADAPTIV?

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